Smile Gallery

Dentistry is a combination of science, art, and helping people feel and look better.  This combination creates gorgeous, natural looking smiles and gives patients a foundation for good dental health. Our photo gallery shows some of the results of our care and treatment. If you like what you see, call us today to schedule a cosmetic consultation.



Heather felt her teeth looked like "fangs" and her gums showed to much when she smiled.  Proper attention to smile design and eight veneers show a tremendous result.


                                                                   before                                                after



Kimi's neighbor had her smile "fixed".  She came to our office knowing exactly what she wanted...............a new smile with veneers.  What she didn't expect was a complete transformation to her whole face!  She felt it took 10 years off and she was extremely happy.


                                                                   before                                               after



Geneva had veneers done by a previous dentist.  She was unhappy with the color and now her teeth "stuck out".  Her final result shows the importance of smile design and in this case, incorporating all the teeth invloved in her smile.


                                                                    before                                               after



Bill had 10 year-old crowns that were starting to show black lines up top.  New all-porcelain crowns appear more life-like and will never show those black lines.


                                                                    before                                               after



Holly didn't like her "little girl" teeth and wanted to fill the gap in front.  Porcelain veneers created a result she was very happy with.


                                                                    before                                             after



Selene didn't like the spaces between her teeth and thought her front teeth looked "pushed in".  Three weeks and eight porcelain veneers later her smile sparkled.


                                                                    before                                              after