Tooth & Gum Contouring

A smile can look aged when worn-down front teeth have lost their youthful shape. Natural teeth can be slightly reshaped to create a softer, straighter and younger look.


Gum contouring is a valuable tool that an experienced cosmetic dentist uses to help create a gorgeous and beautiful smile.  The lips and gums act as a frame for a patient's smile.  Healthy gums are a very important part of a pleasant appearance.  It's not just the teeth that look beautiful, it's the combination of everything that is seen.  When there is too much gum it gives the patient an unattractive smile even if the teeth are wonderfully aligned and proportioned well.  Laser gingivoplasty is the surgical reshaping of the outer surface of the gums and when used during cosmetic gum contouring, a beautiful smile is usually achievable.